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Hey Tumblr friends. I don’t often plug things here but, hey, my new app for kids is released today on iPad and iPhone so that’s pretty exciting. Dino Dog a fun digging game full of awesome dinosaurs and loads to do, all wrapped around a funny cartoon story. If you’ve got kids or know people with kids, give it a go and please spread the word! Available now:

Dreamcatcher Fairies

So there’s a little story behind this one. My daughter was having real trouble with nightmares and this is one place I just couldn’t be to protect her. So we worked together to create a group of characters who could help her kick ass in her dreams. She decided they would be fairies and I quickly sketched them up on my iPad ready for that night. This was the result. She doesn’t know if they ever helped her in her dreams but they gave her the strength to go to sleep and face them. Like dreamcatcher fairies.

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